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Friday, 9 November 2012

Newcastle Brown Ale - The Caledonian Brewery Company (4.7% ABV)

My first review in a week, thanks to a potentially lethal dose of man-flu (I was literally at death's door!), but thankfully I am feeling better now.
Newcastle Brown, or 'Newky Brown' as it's more affectionately known, is an ale that you can buy in pretty much any pub in these parts... Unfortunately, it is always served in a bottle at ice-cold temperatures. Well, regardless of what the bottle says, I did not drink this ice-cold, but only slightly chilled.
On a separate note, I have just noticed that this bottle is 550ml, as opposed to the standard 500ml.  50ml free!  Sweet!

Anyway, the appearance is obviously brown, although auburn would be a more poncy term to use.  Wispy off-white head with no real retention or lacing.

The nose is a tad off-kilter; slightly skunked hops with hints of wet leaves and some very mild floral notes.  Quite earthy overall, with some toasted malts coming through gradually.

The taste gives you plenty of those earthy hops.  Again, its got tons of wet leaf with some spice and very mild citrus.  Malts are not overly prominent, but do enough to balance with caramel sweetness and faintly detectable milk chocolate.  Mildy dry and bitter finish with not much linger at all to be honest. There is a mild metallic bite at the back and something odd which I cannot put my finger on.... Maybe stale wheat??

Mouthfeel is slightly watery.  No real or texture to this, but it is strangely enjoyable and easily drinkable.  Body is light/medium with decent balance with a inoffensive carbonation level.

Plenty of earthy flavours, but its got no real depth or complexity to it.  I wouldn't call this bland, but it fails to get the taste buds tingling.  However, I did enjoy it - with a tinge of guilt.  Very good for getting pissed whilst out on the town.

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